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Gasket Testing

Gasket Testing With FMP Heavy Wall Casing

Gasketed FMP has been factory tested to hold columnar water (head) pressure in this 10’ vertical configuration (built with 2ea x 5’ halves coupled with a gasketed external half coupler, facing a 10’ halve).

Ironhed FMP can play an integral part in a “secondary containment” strategy for temporary re-direct of contents to a sump or holding area in the event of carrier pipe failure. **Ironhed FMP with gaskets is not intended to be used as a pressure vessel, and should not be relied upon as such.

FMP is also produced in a version for welding as a slotless-flange design with a ledge for continuous fillet welds. Butt-seams are to be field-beveled.

Gasket Testing

Gasket Testing



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